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Help Your Child Succeed in School:

Build the Habit of Good Attendance Early


Preparing America's youngest children to succeed in school

Reading is fun

Reach Out and Read Arizona is the best and first prescription for literacy and an answer for what ails our state’s education challenges.  This proven program combines hundreds of respected pediatric professionals throughout Arizona with parents, their young children, quality advice and new age-appropriate books at each well-child visit from 6 months through 5 years of age. 

Doctors and nurses know that growing up healthy means growing up with books. Without hesitation and without any reimbursement, 800+ health professionals incorporate the Reach Out and Read program into their practices and help educate parents on the importance of daily reading with their children to promote their child’s developmental skills and future school success.

Why Reach Out and Read Arizona?

  • Seventy six percent (76%) of Arizona’s public school fourth graders were reported to be reading below grade level.

  • Sixty nine percent (69%) were below grade level in math.

  • While reading to young children is the single most important early experience for later success in learning to read in school, only 43.2% of Arizona parents report reading every day to their children.

  • Only 32.4% of families with young children from poverty backgrounds reported reading daily to their children.

  • Fourteen published research studies show that Reach Out and Read improves the home literacy environment and developmental outcomes for children, especially those growing up in poverty.

“Move on When Reading”

  • Arizona’s revised state statute known as “Move on When Reading”, takes effect beginning the 2013-2014 school year.

  • Students scoring far below on Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) may be retained in the 3rd grade until they meet the rigorous reading specifications set forth in state standards.

The Impact in Arizona

  • More than 200,000 books were handed out to young children last year.

  • More than 117,000 kids last year received a free new developmentally appropriate book while their parents received coaching and a prescription for literacy success.

  • When parents were surveyed about the program, 99% reported receiving a book at a well-child visit.

  • 87% reported receiving advice from their pediatrician about the importance of reading aloud to their children.

  • 65% of the parents said that information from their pediatrician had the most impact on them in terms of choosing to read aloud to their children.

How you can help advance early childhood literacy?

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