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Tips for Reading with Children

Parents can make reading with their children part of the daily routine.
Reading together in the evening can become an important part of the bedtime ritual. Here are some additional suggestions for making reading together a pleasurable experience.

Make Reading Part of Every Day

Read at bedtime or on the bus.

Have Fun

Children who love books learn to read.
Books can be part of special time with your child.

A Few Minutes is Ok

Young children can only sit for a few minutes for a story,
but as they grow, they will sit longer.

Talk About the Pictures

You do not have to read the book to tell a story.

Let Your Child Turn the Pages

Babies need board books and help to turn the pages,
but your three year old can do it alone.

Show Your Child the Cover Page

Explain what the story is about.

Show Your Child the Words

Run your finger along the words as you read them.

Make the Story Come Alive

Create voices for the story characters and use your body to tell the story.

Ask Questions About the Story

What do you think will happen next? What is this?

Let Your Child Ask Questions About the Story

Use the story as an opportunity to engage in conversation
and to talk about familiar activities and objects.

Let Your Child tell the Story

Children as young as three years old can memorize a story and many childrenlove an opportunity to express their creativity.

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Additional Reading Tips from Reading Rockets

Files in English:

Reading Rockets Tips for Parents with babies through 3rd Graders.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Babies.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Toddlers.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Preschoolers.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Kindergartners.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-First Graders.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Second Graders.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Third Graders.pdf

Files in Spanish:

Reading Rockets Tips for Parents with babies through 3rd Graders--in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Babies in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Toddler in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Preschoolers in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Kindergarten in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-First Graders in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Second Graders in Spanish.pdf

Reading Rockets Tips-Third Graders in Spanish.pdf